Being part of Ricky Lockhart Karate has been an enriching experience for my family. My
three boys have learned much self discipline and have seen the rewards of their hard work
by obtaining higher levels of rank, greater physical endurance and sharper focus.
Mr. Ricky's methods  include a seasoned balance of strict instruction and kind affirmation.
He demands respect and attention while maintaining a unique bond of trust with each student.
The atmosphere in the studio is one of excitement, determination, high moral standards and loyalty among comrades. I can honestly say that we do not see this activity as just an ordinary extracurricular event, but as an extension of our family. The friendships that we've made are
the added bonus of being part of such a wonderful organization.
-Amber Maxwell



     My son has been a student at United Karate for three and a half years.  He came to me asking to learn karate and I hesitated thinking it would be another activity he would soon grow tired of.  I am thrilled to say that this is not the case.  My son has grown more interested and dedicated to karate and Ricky.  Ricky has been an amazing influence  on my son.  He consistently challenges his students.  This has maintained my sons interest and enhanced his confidence level.  Ricky is an extra ordinary mentor as well as a friend to his students.  Ricky strives to make sure his students understand and can demonstrate all aspects of karate.  He doesn't just teach classes and give out belts.  His students hold their heads high and proudly say they earned them.  I am grateful to Ricky for all he has brought to my son, our family and his students.  It takes a special person to instill values, provide confidence and provide true dedication to karate and the instruction of it.  

   -Cassandra Fuller



     My son began karate when he was 6 years old.  It was the first thing he had done without his twin sister.  Within two years, he had gone to karate tournaments and won first place in fighting in 5 out of 6 of them.  The next year, he repeated this record.  We were amazed at what it has done for his self-confidence!  He says it has made him stronger and has taught him what to do if he ever gets in trouble.  A little over two years later, his sister joined him at UKS.  She is very competitive and love sports.  She feels that it has given her strength and confidence, taught her respect and self-discipline, and has helped her in school.  My husband and I feel that it has also helped them with setting goals.  It wasn't long before I chose to join also.  It is great working toward your next belt level and finally earning it!  It's not easy, but it's more than worth it!  The skills we've learned and the friends we've made are lifelong.  Thanks, Mr. Rick!

   -Beth Abbott